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Gamzo » CSGO. By Gairik Ray September 25, September 24, So a server with a tick rate will be updating the information twice as fast, and there will be no loss of visual information when a lot of things are happening at the same time around the map.


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Contents: Argument 1 Spray patterns are different in 64 tick and makes it harder to hit people. I think that's doable even with a shitty connection. Then your task manager probably doesn't look like this when you're not in game. I just got the normal open sorted by network usage. Just did some quick Google search and I read similar s as mine all over the place.

This makes no sense. The reasons they gave for not adding tick still apply, if anything it applies stronger because all the newer players with bad PCs that bought before the update also can't experience tick properly. It's a stupid reason. It's almost and the community souldn't be held back by potato PC's. But it's the literal truth proven by valve surveys and it's the majority of players. So the "community" you're talking about shouldn't be held back in game by things they can't benefit from.

Instead of tick servers, how about making in-game ranks something people look forward to grind for? Weekly ranked events could be nice too.

Challenge others, play in seconds.

Weekly events i'd like, or mini operations or some shit. THIS is one of the things that could really be great for anyone, Like If you want to have a clip of something decent you did in a match, you have to record your screen with shadowplay or something, so that means people with "Okay" computers would not be able to do so. Demos should work in that case but tick rate demos make everything look so "unsmooth" and shitty that the play you remembered that was nuts looks "meh" now.

It's a common misconception on this subreddit to think that higher tick rates somehow harm a lower end PC's performance. This simply isn't the case. If your net or PC can't handle the higher tick rate, you can just set your rates lower. It's really that simple. While it's true that they are at a disadvantage to someone who can utilize the full tickrate, they already were at a disadvantage to people who can achieve higher frame rates and have high refresh rate displays.

Valve should have supplied tick matchmaking eons ago. There's no legitimate argument against this. The people who disagree are either fanboys or severely misinformed, parroting the same garbage that they read by other misinformed people on this very subreddit. At anything below the highest levels, your accuracy and reflexes are going to have far more of an impact on your overall performance than tickrate accuracy ever will.

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So sure, run a tic server at a LAN where bandwidth is not an issue and people are likely very good, but it's really unnecessary for matchmaking, especially when a ping of will have far more of an effect on your ability to play than the server ticrate will. Another thing to take into is client-side prediction and lag compensation, which likely affects overall accuracy and "smoothness" far more than ticrate. Improve your reaction time and aim. Seriously its childish and tick matchmaking servers as fuck.

GlobalOffensive subscribe unsubscribereaders 4, users here now Submit a banner! There's really no arguing.

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Even if you could get packets at 8ms earlier which is a best case and extremely unrealisticthat would still be completely offset by a ping of ms. Something along the lines of "Pay a total of 10 cent to make this match tick, fundraised by everyone on the match".

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So there you have it, our round up of the best platforms in Asia. But why do we need the tick matchmaking when we already have 3rd party with tick with even better ranking system? Server ran smoothly, all were happy. For example, say the server receives a bullet that it determined should have hit milliseconds ago. If you have high latency or high packet loss it's pointless to run tick.

Reducing this amount to 8 milliseconds per update would just be a waste of resources at this point and a fairly large waste, since it requires twice as. Valve made almost nothing on game sales, they literally said multiple times that the only reason CS: You can just check in task manager. Oh no, our players have shit tick matchmaking servers, we can't force them to the tick.

Most, if not all, the effects of "bad ticrate issues" on 64 tic servers are due to placebo.

How much it would cost for valve to upgrade all match making servers to tick - bc-gb

It's also a crutch for bad players to justify why they are bad. Source's "lol hitreg" excuse. I guarantee, if Valve secretly changed the ticrate on servers from 64 to overnight, nobody would notice.

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After all, it took someone interviewing Valve about going from to 64 on MM for everyone to get upset the first time, not because anyone actually noticed a change in gameplay. This is why Valve has most likely not invested in high ticrate matchmaking servers. Because it's a waste of money for almost no real benefit. Not because they are some money-grubbing evil company that just hates people having fun and would rather save a buck than have a smooth polished game.

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They aren't ignoring user feedback, they just know it's a bad idea. I agree, this game needs better servers, even if it's harder to run for people who have PCs from 10 years ago. As much as we all would love this, lets be real by making the game free do you think they are gonna up the cost for better servers on their end? No hate but is there even a point in making a post about it?

I'm sure a lot of ppl would be ok with it even if u have to pay for it monthly, i dont understand why they dont do that. I already play fps with 64 tick in I dont like that.

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I dont think going to is necessary and worth the risk since many players like me are gonna stop playing. Compare that to 64tick which peaks about mbps, and we're talking about a very big spike in networking costs. The 64 tick is a lot easier on dumpster can PC's and takes away the advantage of a hz monitor. I like that idea. I don't see how the game being free would make the company spend more money on it lol.

Even though, no one would disagree with you. Ok, If they were gonna release tick they would of done so with this update. The devs will be working on BR for the next couple of months as it is there new Money Maker.

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I know everyone wants tick but it's unlikely to come out before mid at the latest. Valve separate players on two with this update and people with prime already want tick, 1. Matchmaking in csgo is nothing but casual with ranks, who need to play professionally with tick can use esea or faceit. Some people have slow internet and crappy pc and most of the Why is matchmaking 64 tick community including me barely make the difference between 64 and ticks.

Waste of resources spent on casual players. Just play Faceit if you want tick match making. We are going to get super smash bros gamemode on cs go before tick, eventually they'll run out of ideas to make matchmaking slower and we'll finally get the much anticipated tick. Sorry man Valve is only worth 4. Gaben would have to sell one of his yachts.

Of course they have the money, but it would be more expensive, and people with very bad internet who can play on 64 tick but lag on hz would be forced to leave. Why would they do this? It's just not a smart decision to make with the internet infrastructure still being in such awful shape in many countries. But for prime mm tick no excuses, if you can't play on it older rig then find a new game imo or play casual 64 tick. BcnDoge BcnDoge 3 7. These are all good, but be careful.

If you are in low ranks, you will simply get obliterated in ESEA. Play, get good, then sub.

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Speaking from personal experience. I met pro players there, that was kind of fun, but I could not do anything. I simply had no chance against the enemy. In the new window, click the "set launch options" button. If a client had a constant stable latency, the server isn't choking, and no packets are dropped, hits would never fail to register. The client sees exactly what the server sees, but it is delayed by latency and distorted by packet loss. I will tell you for a fact that if the user input was limited to 32tick intervals, nobody would even be able to notice.

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You may have probably heard of CS: GO players leaving the game for Valorant because of rampant cheating issues.


Why does the tick rate matter?


Challenge others, play in seconds.


You just set up jumpthrow bind and practised offline for a sick smoke for Mirage.