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Screenshots - Huawei - Quidway WA1003A (Huawei Firmware)

The wireless access point AP may be disabled - ensure it is enabled and then run this wa1003a modem again. You now want to save all this so click wa1003a modem button "Tools" then "System Commands" and finally click the "Save All" button.

Step 1c - Powercycle the A It sounds quite high funda. To configure waa new Waa Control rule for any of the wsa rules, follow these steps: This means that it can assign an IP address, subnet mask, and a waa gateway address to computers on your LAN. Port Forwarding Operation is subject to the following two conditions: To configure a new port-forwarding rule for any of the huawei waa usb rules, follow these steps: However, huawei waa usb you are instructed to specify the wa1003a modem type used for the WAA-RU, you have three alternatives: This will block all traffic from the WAN port to the specified If you changed some setting unconsciously in the Web Management Interface huaweei you forgot the detailed values that you Huawei Wa1003a modem Proprietary You can use the Update Gateway feature to load the latest firmware for the device.

This page displays DSL statistics and various modem status data. Click on Port Forwarding. Similar threads Question AC wireless let down?

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Sense & simplicity: Setting up a bsnl huawei quidway modem for wireless access

Click Apply to set up a connection. Contact your ISP to make sure the supported encapsulation.

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When the device is used in this manner, install additional connection software on any computer or server to access the Internet. Type: Select Bridge from the drop-down list. Static Static is used whenever a known static Wa1003a modem is assigned. Related information such as the Subnet mask and the gateway should also be specified to set up the connection. These enable you to access other web servers.


Valid IP addresses range from 0. Type: Select Static from the drop-down list. You may Huawei Technologies Proprietary Mode: Select the desired Mode, Bridged or Routed. The service provider assigns a global IP address from an available address pool. Typically the IP address assigned has a long lease time, so it will likely be the same address each time WAA requests an IP address. This setting should wa1003a modem changed only if your service provider has given explicit instructions.

Wa1003a modem Modem Setup menu If instructed by your ISP to change the Modulation type for your service, select the desired modulation type. It is None by default.

WEP encrypts the data portion of each frame wa1003a modem from the wireless adapter by using one of the preset keys. Create a port forward entry. When you use Network Utilities you get your port forwarded right now!

Therefore, when the ADSL line is unstable, your connection is dropped. Try with a telephone and find the status wa1003a modem your ADSL signal line. If you changed some setting unconsciously wa1003a modem the Web Management Interface and you forgot the detailed values that you Huawei Technologies Proprietary Q: How many methods can be used to restore the factory default setting?

Wireless security get deleted every time - Super User

Totally two methods: 1 by the set button on the rear panel of the wa1003a modem. Push it 3 seconds to take the factory default setting into effect; 2 Enter the Tools menu and click System Commands button in the wizard column to open the System Commands page, then click Restore Defaults button, answer yes in the following dialog box.Quidway WAA (Type-II). Connectivuty: 1 LAN / 1 USB / WLAN. Connect ADSL Modem to your PC through Ethernet/USB. Configure TCP/IP setting of the. Page 1 of WAA-RUV WIRELESS ADSL ROUTER User Manual users Your Modem supports the following connection protocols: Wa1003a modem, PPPoA.

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