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My swing slowed. My TM I have been using the C4 for 4 years. I dmi st3750640a ieee it because I noticed I hit better with a light weight head. When I hit the ball well I hit as far as anyone I play with, yards.

But, I do occasionally slice a bit because it has a regular shaft and I should be using a stiff shaft. Other than that, I love the club. My wife got me a Taylormade Burner and I hit it as far, but I need to spend some dmi st3750640a ieee at the range to get used to it. I say this because whenever you change drivers you have to re-train your muscle memory. The guy in the other review who dis d the C4 becaue he couldn t hit it shouldn t say to dmi st3750640a ieee away.

It depends on other factors and you need to find out if it is the right club for you. Like any club. Its a great club. If you are a golfer who has a consistent slice I would not recomend this driver to you it is a very nice looking driver but looks are deceiving it gave me a nasty slice dmi st3750640a ieee time I hit it I tried to give it a chance played 18 with it and not one single straight shot, dmi st3750640a ieee it makes a sound like the head exploded I think for the money its not worth it.

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New golfers stay away from it I would consider myself a pretty consistent golfer but when I put this club in my hand it all went down hill I felt like I was a new golfer all over again I have a old taylor made fire soul dmi st3750640a ieee I would take any day over the c4 it looks cool but makes you look like a fool on the course and I had a few buddys try it and the same thing happened to them in the woods, water etc it went. So an over all rating of this club would be a 2 seriously stay away from it even if you get a good deal on it like I did I hate it and am going to sell it to the next sucker.


Driver has a dull sound when you hit the ball even on the sweet spot. It seems to come off the club very lazy, although easily controllable and accurate.


I have purchased a number of the 9 deg C4 s Stiff Flex on ebay over the past few months. The open face suits my stong left hand grip. This club despite been years out of production is possibly the most user friendly and consistent, that I have dmi st3750640a ieee, and also quite long off the tee. I hit approx.

My favourite C4 is fitted with a Graphics Design Y-7 stiff flex, 45 long. I had my first replaced by callaway, back inwithout any hassle, because a rattle appeared in the head. Callaway s Big Bertha is back, and she s meaner than ever. The new Big Bertha Driver dmi st3750640a ieee so revolutionary, it deserves to carry the most legendary name in golf. Less than 4 moths into my game i had a taylor made and a lynx driver, i had all but given up on drivers until i read about this club, even though i live in england i went with my instinct and decided on a 9o C4 without even holding one. As long dmi st3750640a ieee you get the right tee you wont have a problem with this stick, i use pink castles.


One of my golfing partners used it monday and its given him food for thought, it was his best tee shot of the day by far, but my advise is never play golf withot having the lessons 1st, you only need 6 or 7, good luck. DMI STA IEEE DRIVER DOWNLOAD · INTEL Z68 SATA AHCI DRIVER · MSB WLAN DRIVER · AEI USB ETHERNET DRIVER. Oh noAKnioHeH HanpaMyto k npopeccopy Atom no cncTeMHon dmi st3750640a ieee DMI h flByx MMex)U4Mx- ca Ethernet-nopTOB: noMMMO noflflepxxM IEEE . STA co CTapbiM HaKonuTeriM oiteHMBanMCb HaMM no.

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