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Viewable by all users Viewable by c3p0 no suitable Viewable by moderators and the original poster Viewable by moderators and the original poster. I added to my config: Code:. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

Email Required, but never shown. It permits you to use an old, now superceded c3p0 no suitable of C3P0-generated proxy objects. C3P0 used to use reflective, dynamic proxies. Now, for enhanced performance, it uses code-generated, nonrefective implementations. You will find that c3p0 registers MBeans under the domain com.


Each PooledDataSource within your application may have the following attributes embedded within its ObjectName : type identityToken name. The type will always be PooledDataSource. The identityToken is a unique String associated with each c3p0 DataSource. The name will be the value of the property dataSourceNamewhich you can set yourself to ensure that semanically equivalent data sources are c3p0 no suitable across application restarts. If you do not set a dataSourceNamethe name attribute may not be defined at all, or it may take some default value.

If you can, stick with c3p0's default behavior. But if you really need to, you can configure c3p0 to exclude the identityToken attribute from ObjectNames, so that your PooledDataSources have predictable, reproducible names. Set the following, as a System property, in c3p0. Otherwise, only one of the PooledDataSources with identical names will be accessible by JMX, and which one will be undefined.

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Excluding identity tokens from JMX names is particularly hazardous if you will initialize multiple DataSource from the same named configuration. By default, dataSourceName takes the value of the configuration name. After constructing a PooledDataSouce with a named configuration, be sure to update dataSourceName to some new, unique value befoe constructing a second DataSource with the same named configuration. The value of the name attribute is determined by the following property, which may be set as a System property, in c3p0. If you do not explicitly set a RegistryName, no default value is used, no name attribute is embedded. Log messages c3p0 no suitable be directed to the to the popular slf4j with its logback backendto the venerable log4j library, the more recent log4j2 library, to the standard logging facility introduced with c3p0 no suitable.

Nearly all configuration should be done at the level of your preferred logging library. There are a very few c3p0 no suitable options specific to c3p0's logging, and usually the defaults will be fine.

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Logging-related parameters may be placed in your c3p0. The logging properties defined below may not be defined in c3p0-config.

See the box below. If build-option c3p0.

How to configure the C3P0 connection pool in Hibernate

Build-option c3p0.eption: No suitable driver found. This exception can have 2 causes: The JDBC driver is not loaded at all.

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URL c3p0 no suitable not match. I get the error "No suitable driver" from c3p0. Apparently C3P0ConnectionProvider hibernate or c3p0?) but then gets lost (driverClass -> null).

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