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We would like to take the Eurostar train from London to France.

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We learned that we have to switch train once the Eurostar reaches Paris. I am concerned about what station the train to Reims is? How far is it away from Gare du Nord? How much connection time we should allow and whether I can purchase tickets online? We would like to arrive Reims on the same day we leave London since the tour starts in the afternoon. There won't be many departures that get you there in time. You have to be checked in at St. Pancras by a.

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You'll walk about 3 blocks between them. Train schedules suggest that you can make this connection in 35 minutes but actually allow you almost 2 hours to do it. Reims We, Yes, do buy both reserved tickets in advance in order to get the best price. They will be nonrefundable and the second leg nonchangable. Check availability in about a month.

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Sold through Voyages-sncf. From Gare du Nord the station at which the EuroStar stops in Paris to Gare de l'Est where you take the train to Reims, you'll enter on Rue Alsace, after coming down the stairs, go pass the waiting room. Getting there on the same day as you prefer can be easily done.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

The regional one will take ca hour or so. As a compulsive worrier about these sorts of details myself, I can assure you that after you finish you will look back and think this was trivial : I have actually done this myself. The two train stations in question are so close together that Google Maps almost makes them look like one station till you zoom in close.

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I suspect that a quick look at Google Maps will relieve any apprehension you might have about changing stations. Since you are going on a RS tour you will have so little luggage that a taxi would be way overkill. Being a worrier, I suggest advance purchase for the best price and peace of mind. Check the same website to estimate how much connection time makes you comfortable.

Also, take a look at www. A very good resource. BJ, Fred and Laura, thank you all for your information and assurance.

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I read the Seat61 Blog last night and found that very helpful also. We have purchased tickets on the Eurostar leg of the journey from www. When we were at the site this evening, it said that for the departing train first train on Sundayit will get to Gare de Nord at There were only four seat available at the Standard fare so we bought the tickets even though the Seat61 blog suggested that we should buy the TGV train to Reims first.

We plan to buy the Paris to Reims leg 90 days before May 7. I hope that shouldn't be a problem.

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BJ is right, I Dick's wife, here might Little Reims dicks need too worrying too much and sweat the details. But thanks to you guys, I am feeling a lot better. I am selfishly hoping you'll post either a trip report or thoughts after your trip. We are scheduled for the mid-August departure for this tour.

Dick's wife I've been caught at that myself. When exiting Nord, you turn left to go to Est, go to the end of the block stop alacross the street should the Hotel Albert 1. Cross and you should walk pass the car repair shop. The BMW is pretty noticeable. There is one more street before you reach the stair case down to Est. At the bottom of the stairs, you may run into the "petition types asking your name" scam. Don't stop, don't pay them there are more than one of them any attention.

Keep going, watch you valuables. Get to the bottom of the stairs. I carry two pieces of luggage going down those stairs, cumbersome, which makes you at your most vulnerable when you encounter these jokers. If you're lucky, they won't be there, and other tourists with luggage will be using the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs is the entrance to Est, ie Rue Alsace. The entire walk door to door Nord to Est should take less than 10 mins, including time to navigate that stair case. Once you enter Est a magazine shop is on your right, the "waiting room" is to your left.

Regional trains from Est to Reims run frequently. There are both electronic boards and TV screens to indicate which platform. Have a plan b when you try to a tour the same day you leave another country. You will probably make it, but have a plan b. We always come in the day before when we have a high stakes connection - tour or flight.

But if you don't then know what you need to do so you don't have to worry if something goes awry. We have taken the Eurostar twice; it was an hour late once and half an hour late the other time. Stuff happens. So know what you have to do to catch up with your tour if it does proceed without you. Thank you all for your reply. We have booked tickets for the first train out of London and should be in Paris by mid day.

Now I, Dick's wife know the Gare de l'Est is within walking distance abating the presence of stairs and scamming characters. We are now forewarned.

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The Tour does not leave Reims until Day 3. As much as we do not want to miss any part of Day 1, meeting up with the group a bit later is our Plan B. Good advice to always have a plan B. We normally arrive the Day 1 city two days earlier and add an extended trip at the end. This time, we decided to do the London visit before the trip. We will see how that works out for us.

Dear Dick and wife, It is too late for you, but I would book this as one ticket, not two separate bookings.


The advantage is if the first train is late and you miss the second train unusual, but it has happened to me if you have one booking they are obliged to put you on the next train without surcharge. The Eurostar journey time is 2h15 to 2h30, but there is a one hour time difference, so depart UK timearrive French time is correct.

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Why are we an hour early? Gare du Nord to Gare de l'Est is an easy 10 minute walk. If you are at the back of the Eurostar you will walk nearly as far to get off the platform! BJ's and Fred's mentions of direct, unreserved regional trains between Paris Est and Reims may not be described quite correctly.

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Choices are either a direct, reserved TGVs taking 48 minutes, b unreserved regional trains with one connection, taking 2 hours with a change at Epernay or 3 hours via Chalon, or c a TGV as far Champagne-Ardennes station with just a short regional train connection for the last 8 km.

There's no deadline to purchase a reserved TGV ticket, but they are cheaper in advance.

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Yes, onboard the Eurostar train, do reset your watch to French time, as you're probably used to doing when arriving by air. Those who are more adept electronically may be able to use a smartphone or other modern gizmo. Laura, thanks for your pointers on the different options we have for the Paris to Reims segment of the train trip. Yes, we will also reset our watches to local time while we are on the train.

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Southam, thanks for the link. I also find the Tips section of the site extremely helpful.

September 5,

Thank you, everyone. This forum is amazing.

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London St. Pancras International We, Have fun! Thank you for the Street Map link and the pointers for our next trip. Much oblige!

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The east-west crossrail will be funded in the conventional way by the Department of Transport by way of grant, in just the same way as the Jubilee line will be financed.


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The Black Horror on the Rhine refers to a moral panic which was aroused in Germany and elsewhere concerning allegations of widespread crimes, especially sexual crimes, said to be committed by Senegalese and other African soldiers serving in the French Army during the French occupation of the Rhineland between