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Moriah Stone comes from the Utah area and is one of the strongest and most dense stones available. This stone is known for its colorful array of greys, golds and some rusty red veins running throughout the stone, and for having visible striation markings in it. Great for any project and most commonly used for driveway and courtyard applications, BBQ's, fireplaces, and hearthstones. Your imagination can run wild with this stone and its endless capabilities. Given its namesake from a town in the state of Oklahoma.


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Flagstone is a term used to describe flat pieces of stone that have been quarried and cut into various thicknesses. Flagstone landscaping rocks include quartzite, slates, and sandstones. These landscaping rocks are perfect for creating stone patios, stone pathways, and more.

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This product is sold by weight. NOTE: Product availability will vary by location. All sizing is approximate.

Natural stone selection:

NOTE: Colors may vary compared to what is displayed on-line. When flagstone is quarried it is cut into a variety of thicknesses, each supporting a different use. Below is a brief description of the standard cuts available. NOTE: Not all styles are available in every cut.

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Thickness: 1. This is due to the thin thickness of this style of flagstone, which could easily break if set in sand. Thin flagstone is great for stone patios, stairs, and walkways. When looking at price per square foot, you will get ificantly more thin flagstone than regular flagstone for the same price.

Flagstone patios & walkways

Thickness: 1"—2. An underlaying concrete slab is usually not needed as this flagstone can normally stand up to regular foot traffic.

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Regular flagstone can be used when creating natural stone pathways, stepping stones through gardens, or other decorative features. Regular flagstone comes in large sheets of stone. Patio grade flagstone is normally less expensive than the regular style flagstone in the same color.

Ideal for projects or des that require many smaller pieces of stone not large sheets. Tumbled flagstone is normally available in larger thicknesses than other cuts as the tumbling process can be quite rough, requiring a thicker stone to stand up to it.

Flagstone - quartzite

As far as cost is concerned, tumbled flagstone can be on the higher end. Natural stone is a random product of nature and therefore includes considerable variations and "imperfections" such as color range, veining, texture, size, and cleft. While natural stone is considered to be a durable material, there are several factors that can influence the erosion, weathering, alteration, and decay of all natural stone materials. These factors include, but are not limited to:. Dissolution - A process where some minerals are dissolved in water.

There is no warranty of any kind expressed or implied. This is including, but not limited to the merchantability, fitness or suitability for a particular purpose. Chula Vista.

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Lemon Grove. Flagstones Landscaping Rocks. Flagstone Flagstone is a term used to describe flat pieces of stone that have been quarried and cut into various thicknesses. Arizona Tan. Availability: Sold by the pound.

Hi desert flagstone

Brazilian Yellow. California Gold. Chocolate Charcoal. Gold Quartzite.

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Himalayan Kashmere. Sydney Peak.

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Park Valley Green. Sunwood Quartzite. Sedona Red. Silver Quartzite. Brown Mist. French Vanilla.

Desert flagstone

Sockeye Quartzite. Palomino Quartzite. Sierra Brown. Vista Cloud. Blue Brown Sandstone.


Blue Sandstone. Black Hills. Antique Black. Pearl Gray. These factors include, but are not limited to: Dissolution - A process where some minerals are dissolved in water. We Can Help.

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We stock 23 varieties of flagstones and natural retaining wall stones, resulting in a wide array of colors and sizes.


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A flagstone walkway is a simple and functional way to beautify your outdoor space and provide a useable path to your garage, garden, shed or other points of interest in your lawn and garden.


Hi Desert Flagstone, reminiscent of the popular Red Mountain schist stone, is a colorful flagstone full of dimension and texture.