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Researchers at Union College found that people with attachment anxiety or insecure relationships are more likely to use Facebook to seek attention, according to a Monday press release. The study, published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, conducted two online surveys with responders from countries around the world, including the United States. Survey participants were asked about their behaviors and emotions in close relationships as well as their behaviors and attitudes regarding Facebook. Joshua Hart, the lead study author and an associate professor of psychology at Union, said the activity of people on Facebook depends on their personality. The amount of attachment anxiety an individual reported was used to predict how sensitive they were to feedback, how much they sought attention and their generalized activity on Facebook, the study stated.


Do you think you can find attention seekers in the real world only?

Insecure people more likely to use facebook for attention, study finds

Think again; there are so many of them active on social media, and Facebook is no exception either. Facebook attention seeker -- or 'attention whore' as they call them online -- can make your online stay quite uncomfortable. Most of these attention seekers are mentally unstable and filled with desperation. It is okay to share a few of your photos every now and then, but know that there is something wrong if your Facebook has lo of selfies.

You need social validation and attention if

You are certainly an attention seeker if your other social media s also have a gazillion selfies with 'dramatic' captions. Attention seekers do not just post lo of selfies, but they also push others for a compliment.

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Even when you know you are brilliant, beautiful, and classy, you still look for a reassurance, and that is a classic of an attention seeker. You are a Facebook attention seeker if likes on your latest selfie seems to be a matter of life and death for you.

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Many Facebook attention seekers do not mind buying likes and followers to tell others how popular they really are. Attention seekers are cynical and you will often find them complain about everyone. You are an attention seeker too if you find yourself complaining about how people are supposed to stand for you but they disappoint you with their actions.

The truth is that attention seekers actually use such behavior to drag people to them.

‘you ok hun?’ what those attention-seeking facebook statuses really mean

In other words, you make your problems everyone's problem by constantly whining about things. Attention seekers do not just share their issues but they actually flaunt their problems to grab your attention. If you do the same and become annoyed when others show no interest in listening to your problems, know that you are an attention seeker too.

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Another classic of Facebook attention seekers is that their posts are always gloomy and dramatic. They believe this is the best way to grab people's attention. Check your Facebook again and know that you are an attention seeker if most of your posts talk about how hard life is for you.

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You will always find many lo of selfies on the of a Facebook attention seeker, but the interesting thing is that most of those selfies will be photoshopped. They do not mind using all types of filters to make them look even better to convince people that they deserve a 'like' and their attention.

Do you often use Photoshop to edit your photos before ing them to your Facebook ?

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You are an attention seeker! One of many s of Facebook attention seekers is that they do not mind doing crazy stunts and sharing it with the world. Did you take the Ice Bucket Challenge? Did you take the Nutmeg Challenge and the Fire Challenge, and every other challenge you see getting popular?

Facebook’s most annoying attention-seekers and how to reply to them

If your answer is in yes, know that you are an attention seeker. Pictures tell many stories about your personality, and if you do not mind taking and sharing half-naked pictures, know that there is something wrong. Attention seekers think that the best way to grab attention and get popular on Facebook is to post more half-naked pictures than Rihanna.

If you have your emphasis on "sex sells", you certainly need help. No matter how many likes you get or how many followers you have, you always want more and do not mind complaining about not getting enough attention. Attention seekers always whine about not getting invited to the parties, not getting a boyfriend fast, not having cute boys talk to them, or not getting compliments for their latest posts.

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If you do the same, you should seek help. Okay, so you know you are one of those Facebook attention seekers. What should you do about it? Actually, you can try a of tips and ways to deal with your personality order in a better way. For instance:.

Facebook attention seekers: know the s and ways to help

Get information about your patterns of seeking attention. You will realize that there are certain situations when you have a strong desire to be center of attraction. Knowing when you seek attention will help handle things better. Try to find out if you do strange things just to impress someone special or you do it just to be popular on Facebook and social media. Pay attention to how people react to your posts, photos, and comments.

What your facebook activity says about you

If you notice people moving away, know that you are seeking too much attention and you need to slow down a bit. Get more information about your attention needs. Sometimes, the need for constant attention is directly related to another issue. Make a list of things that make you feel bad about yourself or just make you feel insecure. Knowledge about these things will help you have a better control over your situation. Stop using social media for a while.

Facebook’s most annoying attention-seekers and how to reply to them

Sometimes, you are not an attention seeker in the real life, but suddenly start behaving like an attention whore when interacting with people online. A short break may help you feel better and understand how to approach people on social media. Always keep an upbeat attitude and stop thinking that making yourself look miserable is the only way to get people's attention.

You should keep reminding yourself about what is positive in your life to avoid becoming an attention whore. Talk to a professional. You should not shy away from using professional help when you fail to improve yourself by taking simple measures. Working with a therapist may help deal with underlying issues that intensify your need for constant attention.

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Is facebook for the attention - seeking and lazy people?

Log In. LOG IN. Forgot password? s You Are a Facebook Attention Seeker It is easy to spot these attention seekers, but it is also a fact that many of these people do not really know that they have a personality disorder. You may also be one of them, but may not know about it.

Here are some s of Facebook attention seekers:. How to Deal with It Okay, so you know you are one of those Facebook attention seekers.

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For instance: Get information about your patterns of seeking attention. Start Your Writing Now!

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For all its good uses — funny dog videos, stalking your ex — Facebook has brought out the worst attention-seeking tendencies in people.


We can't help but make assumptions sometimes.


Is Facebook for the attention - seeking and lazy people?