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ManuelGuzmanNV 9y ManuelGuzmanNV 9y.

What is DDU? Do you have a link? I'm using windows 7 My display is an Acer GDHQ hz I have a ti in another computer, so I can put that card in this box, or I can move this screen to the other computer and see if the 3d vision gear works on that setup? Tell us what you think. Latest: Genralkidd A nvidia ir emitter ago.

Windows New customer? CausticToast1 5h 1. GeForce Graphics Cards. Thread starter paranoia. Sidebar Sidebar.

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MeatKat 9h 0. Freestyle Filters. I tried calling Nvidia to get ahold of an emitter but they couldn't help me get one.

Does anyone know if there is a 3rd party emitter that works nvidia ir emitter with Vision 2 I've searched and haven't found anythingor a place that sells Nvidia IR Emitters separately. Any help would be appreciated. Select Set Up 3D Vision. First, this is a combo review of both the actual glasses and several games I've played extensively utilizing the glasses. The next paragraph contains a brief review, followed by an in depth possibly rambling, almost certainly too long review. I purchased these nvidia ir emitter on a whim 08 July after finding out they would work with my older DLP's checkerboard 3D Input.


I originally used these glasses with my Laptop nvidia ir emitter below and was amazed with the results. However, the Laptop just didn't have the horsepower to drive games "The Way It's Meant to be Played", so a new "Gaming Rig" later and the full potential of these glasses was unlocked and my mind subsequently blown.

NVIDIA 3D Vision Controller Driver

They provide an unequaled measure of realism and immersion to nvidia ir emitter developed with the technology in mind, while still providing a new experience to almost any other game. The drivers for the system are able to translate shift rendered scenes in the GPU to simulate 3D for games not developed with this tech in mind. For a listing of games and their "3D Worthiness", check the nVidia website. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone with a reasonably powered gaming computer and the appropriate display. I wouldn't have many qualms about recommending these to someone nvidia ir emitter a piece of the equation and adequate disposable income.


This, of course, is not even taking into account the 3D content available from nvidia ir emitter sources, such as Blu Ray Requires a Blu Ray computer drive, obviously or streaming content through nVidia's website. Started by luka Today at AM Replies: 5. Latest posts D. It looks like you're new here. Forum Feedback.

How gaming environment affects the IR emitter NVIDIA

Coogan-1 14h. If you don't see them where they should be, suggest you do a clean install of the GPU drivers again.

In the latest drivers Did some of you guys try this in my case, with a projector successfully? The last post was 3 years ago but maybe this is not possible and Nvidia ir emitter really need the external emitter.

Hi there, so I did some more testing: if I duplicate the displays with the same resolution and refresh rate, I nvidia ir emitter use 3d vision again, however, only the Acer with the integrated emitter will show a 3d image, not my new screen. Thanks to Dirk Kostrewa for pointing this out!3D VISION 2 WIRELESS EXTRA GLASSES *New* 3D Vision wireless glasses which require 3D Vision USB IR emitter or monitor, notebook, or All-in-one PC. Place IR Emitter in Line-of-Sight to Glasses. Ensure there is direct line-of-sight between the IR emitter and your GeForce.

3D Vision glasses (a minimum of

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