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When you hear the term cougar, do you view it in a positive or negative light? Do you imagine an older woman that's clinging to her youth by any possible means? Or do you imagine a woman who is independent, confident, and sexy? Online dating has expanded the scope of available men and women who are interested in dating. Men that can't find what they're looking for in the clubs and on the dating sites have the option of narrowing their search by age. New dating sites like sugar daddy dating sites for women and cougar dating sites for men give younger people more opportunities for dating if they don't mind the age difference.

The popularity of these sites seems to indicate, not only do younger people not mind the age difference-they seem to prefer it.

7 best older women dating sites for younger men to meet older women

In fact, there is a trend of older single women pursuing younger single men. The fairytale relationship speaks of two young people who fall in love, get married, buy a home, and raise a family in the suburbs. It's perfect for the young couple that wants to live that dream. Some men would say, "That's just not for me. Those men are looking for something out of the ordinary.

10 best older women dating sites for younger men to meet cougars

Many of them are finding that the "cougar life" suits them just fine. To understand why men are drawn to older women, you need to understand what a "cougar" is and how a woman becomes one. Also, it takes having an open mind towards the men who've dated, cohabitated, and married cougars to fully understand exactly what's in it for them. A cougar woman is a heterosexual woman around the ages of 35 to 55 who tends to date much younger men than herself.

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Typically, cougars tend to date men that are at least eight years younger than them. Cougars are usually quite physically fit and noticeably attractive. One of their priorities in life is spending time and money on their appearance. They work out regularly, take care of their hair, makeup, and wardrobe.

How to be a cougar

For some cougars, physical enhancements take the form of Botox and plastic surgery. Older women tend to be financially independent, if not wealthy. Some cougars admit that they want nothing more than a sexual relationship with a younger man.

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Others prefer casual relationships without commitments. Still, others are willing to be in a committed relationship as long as it provides what they want out of life. What about marriage? According to the U. Women tend to live longer than men, so older women appreciate that their younger partners can support them physically and emotionally in their final years.

Why are younger men drawn to “cougar” women?

There's also a better-than-average chance that their younger partners will outlive them, which means they'll never be alone. Being a cougar has become a status symbol, and some women like what it stands for.

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Years of life experiences shape us and change us. Maturity, intelligence, financial security, and quality of sex are just a few of the things that draw younger men into the lair of the older women's den. Younger men don't always seek out relationships with older women. In some cases, men became attracted to an older woman without knowing exactly how much older she was. Once having experienced a relationship with older women, some men are no longer interested in what younger women offer.

Some young men appreciate a financially independent woman. There's no pressure to support her financially.

Cougars and their cubs: older women dating ificantly younger men

In fact, they often enjoy being the recipient of brand-name clothes and exotic trips. The trade-off of being viewed as sexy arm-candy isn't always a bad thing.

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The maturity level of older women is a big draw for younger men. A relationship with a cougar is more likely to be built on trust and mutual respect before it moves into feelings of love. Older women bring a higher level of candor and honesty to a relationship. They've come to know themselves well, and they know how to communicate effectively with a man. They're well-rounded, intelligent, and emotionally stable.

Cougars know what they feel and why they feel that way. They're clear and focused and know what they want out of life; yet, they can be playful without being overly silly and nonsensical. Cougars exude a level of confidence that their younger selves lacked. They tend to be better grounded and realistic.

They have a more relaxed attitude about life, and from the perspective of a younger man, that's refreshing.

Older women generally have a calmer demeanor. They prefer to Cougars for younger men in comfort and serenity. Who doesn't like that? Younger men also note that the mature perspectives of older women allow them to see themselves reflected. Their cougar friends have many of the same interests, but they tend to think differently.

The cougar's wealth of life experience gives their younger partners the benefit of a more mature perspective. Having a relationship with a mature woman gives younger men the confidence and assurance that they can make a woman truly happy, and there's plenty of personal reward in that. While flippant comments about the age difference may bother younger men, older women are more self-assured, and that's refreshing for younger men. Of course, there's always the issue of sex in a cougar relationship. The New York Times published an article that details the personal experience of a cougar named Cindy Gallop.

Gallop, a successful advertising executive, publicly shares insight from her sexual experiences with younger men on her website and through a TED talk. According to Gallop, the problem with many men is that they tend to learn about sex from watching internet porn, which is nothing like making love to a woman that you're committed to. From a sexual perspective, younger men benefit from an older woman's sexual experiences because they have more real-life sexual experiences to draw from.

Sex with cougars is better because they know just as much of what they want in the bedroom as they do in their professional and personal lives. More importantly, they know how to communicate their sexual desires to men. Most younger men agree that sex is better with cougars because it puts them in student roles. As a side benefit, getting involved in a cougar relationship alleviates any worry about birth control, broken condoms, and pregnancy. If there's a downside to a cougar relationship, it has to do with a younger man and an older woman not being on the same on the issue of having children.

Many cougars already have grown or near-grown children.

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They're past the point in their lives where they want children anymore. If they want to help their younger men fulfill that part of their dream, they can always take a little help from science by using donor eggs for in-vitro fertilization or exploring other reproductive options.

You only have to add up all the positives of pursuing a relationship with a cougar to understand why they attract the interest of younger men. From the younger man's perspective, younger women are sometimes more hassle than they're worth. Younger women tend to have high expectations for a life-long future that includes marriage and family.

They're on the prowl for guys that will make good husbands and fathers. While many younger men have many of the same dreams and aspirations, they're turned off by the immature behavior that some younger women display. Women in their 20s often act foolishly and immaturely.

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They're still in the club scene, and they have a bad reputation for playing head games. Younger women can take a non-problem and make a major issue out of it, which can be tiring. While many cougar couples are happy in their relationships, the fact is that any that falls outside of societal norms can be challenging. Most couples can overcome those challenges by entering into couples' therapy. A d counselor has the right tools to guide couples through dealing with issues related to age, life experience, sex, external pressures, and most any other relationship challenge.

To stand a better chance of a successful, long-term cougar relationship, it's better to start counseling early in the relationship before problems become too emotional to overcome.

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